WordPress Blog Hosting – What Are the Benefits?

There are millions of blog posts getting published in the internet every day. Starting from personal blogs to educational blogs to marketing blogs, people around the world have lots of things to say. However, while sharing your thoughts with the rest of the world if your blogging platform does not support you properly, then you cannot reach out to as many people as you would like to. WordPress has been the platform of choice for thousands of veteran bloggers for some time now. Here we try to find out what are the benefits that separate WordPress from rest of the platforms.

It Is Free but Powerful

To host a blog on WordPress, you do not need to pay a single penny. Just register, create tour blog and write away. But being free does not mean it is not good enough. WordPress offers a smooth editor for creating posts, loads of intuitive features, tons of beautiful themes and many widgets while managing to stay free at the same time.

No Worries about Traffic Loads

One of the main issues regarding self-hosted blogs is the poor handling of high traffic loads. If the blog gets popular and more people start logging in everyday, the blog should be able to handle this increased traffic. With WordPress hosting, the traffic load is completely handled by WordPress so you get guaranteed 24/7 uptime.

No Knowledge about Webhosting Necessary

In a WordPress hosted blog, everything is simplified so much that anybody can start blogging. This is a great place for beginners to get their blogging skills honed without worrying much about things like HTML and CSS. But in case you do want to play with the page source codes, WordPress provides the HTML version of blog posts as well.

Safe and Secure

A WordPress hosted blog enjoys automatic security provided by WordPress. There is no need to supervise security plugins, upgrade security measures regularly or finding out possible vulnerabilities. Everything is taken care of seamlessly by WordPress itself.

Advanced Anti-Spam Filter

WordPress provides heightened security against spam and useless comments. This is a great feature to protect your blog from people whose sole activity over the internet is to post urls to their sites on every blog possible.

Automatic SEO Facilities

After any new content is added to your blog, WordPress automatically pings top search engines notifying the changes. Search engine pings are useful to let search engines know about the updates to your blog and result in the pages of your blog being crawled faster. WordPress takes care of this for you automatically.

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